M&A Advisory for Middle Market Business Owners

Selling Your Business : A Practical Guide to Getting It Done Right

Selling Your Business: A Practical Guide to Getting It Done Right engages business owners with storytelling narrating readers through a tour of successful and unsuccessful business transactions. Whether it is the unpacking of the life cycle of a deal or helpful Common Pitfalls sections, they illustrate how business owners can achieve the business sale they deserve and avoid the potential blunders that await them.

Fortunately, Mark Jordan, Mark Gould and Rex Slagel have provided answers in Selling Your Business: A Practical Guide to Getting It Done Right. As investment bankers and authors, they are passionate about helping business owners successfully navigate the process of selling a company. Their deep experience in delivering mergers and acquisitions advice at VERCOR uniquely positions them to bring a dose of reality to the process. Jordan, Gould and Slagel examine scores of business sales carefully deconstructing them for potential strengths and weaknesses. The trio also scrutinizes missteps of business owners involved in deals that fell apart so you do not make the same mistakes.

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