M&A Advisory for Middle Market Business Owners

Why Use an Investment Banker

Utilizing a VERCOR advisor assures a variety of financial and strategic benefits, including:

Preparing for the challenges

Most owners have limited or no experience in selling a business. VERCOR experts have closed over $1 billion in transactions and maintain continuous involvement with buyers and sellers engaged in deals.

Maneuvering Multiple Options

After ascertaining your goals, VERCOR will assist you in evaluating multiple options. Once a sales plan meets your initial objectives, we will present a wide variety of possibilities from inside and outside your industry.

Navigating the Negotiation

With extensive experience in business sales negotiation and communication, VERCOR manages the orderly and amicable resolution of issues between the buyer and seller to maintain a positive working alliance.

Managing Expectations

Frequently, neither the buyer nor seller knows what is realistic to ask for and expect. We understand the nuances of analyzing and communicating the value of intangible assets.

Insulating the Seller & Sustaining Momentum

By handling the extensive communications along with the ups and downs of negotiation, VERCOR intermediaries allow the seller to stay focused on the day to day business operations and maintain business momentum.