M&A Advisory for Middle Market Business Owners

Business Sale Representation

When selling a business, knowledge is power. For most owners, the business sale or acquisition process is a mountain of uncertainty. The right advisor is critical to maximize your business value. VERCOR specializes in guiding business owners through the process of selling a business. Whether you have built a substantial company from the ground up or have successfully expanded a family business passed through several generations, VERCOR delivers results that can exceed expectations.

VERCOR’s proven process is designed to determine an owner’s distinctive objectives, both financial and strategic, to determine the best possible buyer match. We understand that other non-financial issues, such as cultural fit and working relationships, are as important as getting the maximum selling price. Additionally, VERCOR searches buyers from both inside and outside your industry, maximizing your options. To learn more about VERCOR benefits to owners or other services, click on the link below:

Learn how VERCOR successfully found a buyer for a manufacturing firm